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Are you an artist in San Francisco? We invite you to join our hybrid SF Open Studios 2020 event to virtually welcome the public into your creative space. SF Open Studios offers local artists an authentic connection to the public and an opportunity to engage in dialog, build your mailing list, gain new admirers, and ultimately sustain a living making art. As an ArtSpan Artist Member, you'll discover a community of artists and art lovers, plus year-round resources and support for every stage of your career. 

ArtSpan’s 2020 SF Open Studios will not be bound by weekends, neighborhoods, geography, or specific studio sites. We will be hosting LIVE virtual events over a series of days from mid-September through mid-October to ensure each artist gets an event slot. These virtual offerings will primarily be hosted on a trusted art festival virtual platform, with additional more intimate gatherings via Zoom.

**SF Open Studios represents artists that identify as members of the San Francisco - Bay Area creative community.**

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