Zachery Bridgeman

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I began painting in November 2018 after my life had spiraled out of control, in large part due to my alcoholism. Save for one spending spree at Blick's during college, I hadn't given a second thought to painting since middle school. My focus during my twenties revolved around teaching high school, a couple of years in editing/journalism, drinking, smoking weed, and mostly unhealthy relationships. I was sequestered for my own good back home in Alabama at age 28 (this I had feared would happen throughout my twenties), bored out of my mind and itching, for some reason, to paint. In the house I found four $2 acrylic paint miniatures, some q-tips and cardboard. I went at it painting an abstract portrait and didn't stop from there.

I've launched a new site dividing my paintings into several categories of interest: Alcoholism, Climate Change, Abstract Portraiture and Vintage Cars (the latter likely clashes with the climate change to some degree, but I appreciate the cars for their aesthetic). Please check them out, reach out to me if you'd like to connect, and thank you for reading.