Sally R Allen

(415) 699-8627

Fort Mason (Upper): General's Residence
1 Fort Mason Room #The Ballroom
San Francisco, CA 94109

In my latest portfolio, I have been exploring the effects of how different substances—edible, environmental and chemical—interact on various materials. I then photograph the results. I print these images as hanging scrolls. I’m fascinated by Asian cultures, and to me, these scrolls reference those created in Asian cultures—although they are abstractions. I am fascinated by the interplay of sunlight and color on the landscape, oceans and lakes, beaches, flowers and plants, and then how we find these same colors in our manufactured environments. My scrolls take this fascination a step further by creating the environment—they also interject an element of surprise when the substance reacts with the material. I enjoy photographing people, as well, both as I travel and as I wander around the Bay Area. I am developing a portfolio of portraits of some of the homeless in Oakland. This project developed as the result of hand-knitted hats, gloves and scarves that a knitting group that I belong to distributed to some of the homeless in Oakland. I am also developing a portfolio of “characters” around San Francisco. These images range from a woman riding a wooden bear at Fisherman’s Wharf to a man being photographed as Rosie the Riveter, to women relaxing on a park bench, checking e-mail and directions. Other images in the series are photos of people and their dogs. I've had a lifelong passion for photography, which was ignited by my first job as a reporter and photographer. I am largely self-taught, but I have taken numerous college classes and workshops. My photos have been published in Hidden Alcatraz, Steve Fritz & Deborah Roundtree, University of California Press, 2011; Mono Lake, Photography and the Environment Workshop, Photo Alliance, 2009; Connecting Cultures through Art: India, Lisa Filpi & Sally Allen, 2008. I have exhibited my work at San Francisco Open Studios since 2012. I have also been represented in gallery shows of Public Education Students at the San Francisco Art Institute, the Advanced Printing Seminar at SFAI, a group show of students at The Image Flow, in Mill Valley, and GGNRA volunteer photographers’ images at the Visitors’ Center in the Presidio. I created the project, Through My Eyes, to introduce photography to underserved elementary school children. My goal was to provide these children with a sense of positive self-image and community. I also participated in Connecting Cultures through Art, a collaborative digital photography project with students in Vidhya Peetam, a rural industrial community in southern India, and at a San Francisco high school. The goal was to foster understanding through photographic images showing similarities between the cultures.