Michael B Endicott

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Michael Endicott is an Urban Nature Impressionist photographer. He is also the Artistic Director of the Edge of Frame Gallery in San Francisco, California. Raised in the Caribbean and educated in biology and environmental law, his photography has always been focused on nature. His artwork explores the commonality in structure between the organic and the inorganic –both comprised of protons, electrons and neutrons. There is a constant feedback loop between the two that affects us, physically and culturally. The click of the shutter is where his artistic vision coalesces. The photograph itself then becomes the object of his attention. His artistic process, “bending wavelengths of light,” can pull his photography into the realm of expressionist or abstract painting. “I get very excited by the space created in abstract and surreal photography for both the artist and the viewer to ‘see’ their own stories in my artwork,” says Michael Endicott. “And, space also exits for the discovery of new details each time one revisits my photographs.” His current series, Angle of Repose and My Byzantine Garden, blends bright colors and intricate patterns to take the familiar into fantastical. Follow his daily postings on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/michaelbendicott/