Linda Fong

Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard
Hunters Point Shipyard

I make pictures that refer obliquely to the real world, but I populate them
with imaginary forms and figures. Geo/zoo/anthropo-morphic entities exist
with touches of familiarity about them, despite their abstract nature.

I present these parallel universes using very traditional pictorial devices like
perspective, light, color, and composition. In addition, the physical peculiarities
of a particular medium or tool provide entertaining elements that add to the
mix, having a very heavy influence on a painting's final appearance.

In much of my earlier work, I found myself captivated by the atmospheric
exuberance of color and paint, creating what one might call abstract landscapes,
for want of a better term. My later work has tended to be smaller in scale, and
rather more "narrative" than before, as I have found myself dwelling more on
the passage of time, and on questions of what it means to be a human being
in this world.

My hope is that I can help provide an avenue towards free contemplation on
the part of the viewer, because of the complete to partial abstraction of the
forms, combined with the little hints that link the images to real life. I hope that
my work can provide a source for very personal interpretations and perhaps
even outrageous free associations on the part of the viewer. If so, it is one of
the best outcomes I can imagine. Thank you for observing, and for participating.