Jenny Guan

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Neighborhood: Bernal Heights

I create with the hand of an architect and the heart of a computer scientist.

My drawings serve as an infinite sketchbook, using an ever-evolving visual logic to capture, express, and sometimes even escape a messy inner monologue.

They usually start off as simply notes jotted down with a fine tipped pen - grocery lists, to-dos, reminders to self, eavesdropped conversations - but somehow always wandering off into the realm of strange doodles, populated with tiny handwriting, dense clusters of data, odd topological formations, encoded messages, surreal anatomical forms, and kaleidoscopic metallic watercolor highlights.

Meticulous cuts made to the filigree-like edges and voids of the completed drawings release the contents from the rectangle page, transforming what had started out as neurological self portraits into captivating miniature universes, each one bursting with detail that invite and encourage infinite interpretations.