Janet Bartlett Goodman

(510) 676-3657

Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard
Hunters Point Shipyard

I have been working in grids on and off for quite a few years now. It’s something that I keep returning to, changing and refining. These pieces are a combination of drawing, photography, painting and encaustic.

I usually begin each piece by painting the large areas of color directly on to wooden panels. For the photographic image, I digitally remove most or all of the color and detail and then print what’s left on rice paper. On the rice paper I can draw and paint in the details and add color back in. The rice paper is adhered to the wooden panel and a thin layers of encaustic wax medium is brushed on. The medium is a mixture of bees wax and demar resin. Each layer of wax is heated (170 – 200 degrees), applied, reheated and fused to the layer below. Once the wax is applied and fused, the rice paper becomes translucent and all the color from behind comes forward. On the surface I can add more color or detail with pigmented wax. The photographic image combined with encaustic adds a third dimension of depth and translucency.

By combining photography and painting, I have something that is both real and imaginary at the same time.

I welcome visitors to my studio to view the work, ask questions
or discuss commissions.