Gordon Sizelove

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In my recent paintings, I use color and form to appeal directly to the eye and mind of the observer. A person feels a painting through their eyes, heart and mind. The observer participates in the imagination and expression of the artist through their medium.

My work draws on current ideas that stretch what we already know. Philosophy and the sciences; physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy, supply me with ideas and motifs.

The perspective in my painting is that of the viewer. When I am working, I wonder about things like: How does gravity and light affect what we are seeing? How does density affect what we are seeing? How do the colors affect someone, both emotionally and intellectually. How do the forms interrelate? How does the size and shape of the painting relate to the size and shape of a human being? Is there a meaning, an intention, or is there an absence of one?

I primarily make my paintings for the enjoyment of the viewer. My goal is to provide an aesthetic experience that allows the viewer to become more aware of seeing and thinking.