Debra Cook Shapiro

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(415) 606-8977

Arc Studios & Gallery
1246 Folsom Street Room #205
San Francisco, CA 94103

I paint landscapes and figurative oil paintings that are inspired by people, events and places in my life. I work from photographs and memory, taking liberties in making dramatic changes in direction as I react to the painting that evolves on the canvas. I have to paint what I am excited about expressing in the work. Sometimes I have to re-think my original direction during the painting process. I often have the fearful task of destroying a piece and starting over. My best work comes from having ample time to decide what stays on the canvas and what has to go. Painting is the best format to practice letting go. Even those favorite parts of the piece that I may have worked on for weeks or months. Scrape it off, start again, keeping only what serves me.
A multitude of experiences in my life have informed, delighted, humbled, frightened, empowered and transformed me. I hope my work will authentically reflect some of those moments of living that can only be described through the language of the paint.