Catherine Sherman

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(415) 513-9555

Neighborhood: Glen Park

Quilts are vessels. Their pieces and process holds our human story in every fiber and with every stitch.

I build quilts with textiles from here, there and everywhere. I've had many mentors from childhood to this day. Beginning with my mother, grandmothers and aunts - many patient, compassionate people have showed me how to stitch and mend and create with whatever was available.

I prefer used textiles for their proven worth and history. I measure value by sight, smell and touch examining pattern, texture, color and "grit." Combining these pieces for storytelling in quilts is a daily liturgy of hope and healing.

I especially love to invite an unsuspecting public to participate in a pop-up quilt project. These works become a time capsule connecting the ideas and creativity of otherwise strangers. I look forward to booking more projects like the Tree of Life series and the original Beyond Red White and Blue flag made on election day at the City Hope Center in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood.

I’ve lived in the United States from top to bottom and sea to shining sea. San Francisco is home, but I'll always be a citizen of Texas (and New York, Oklahoma and Georgia.)

The world is round and covered with people and pieces of our human story. I hope to keep roaming - spotting patterns and making connections with fabric and friends.