Cameron E. Gerhold

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From coral reef formations and fluid lava tide pools, to the volcanoes that created them; growing up in Hawaii has greatly influenced my work. Organic themes of the water, land, and cosmos merge throughout my artwork to form distinct elements of creation and destruction. I am inspired by cosmic nature in all its vibrant drama and intense complexity. Vivid colors, melted textures, and permutated patterns erupt into a condensed glimpse of the multiverse.

My work blends personal interests of art, music, science, technology, and the esoteric. From the atoms and cells in our body, to the collection of planets and galaxies, to the multiverse, these different levels of magnification are captured in my intermedia process as a visual metaphor for this journey. I move from highly detailed mixed media paintings, capturing those details with macrophotography, and finally sampling those photos arranging and remixing them digitally. This is perspective as an art form.

I believe we are increasingly disconnected with the perspective that the natural world is ourselves, we are nature. My art invites remembering your infinite connection to the universe through a deeper look of meditative immersion. Become inspired by nature, around and within us.

Breathe, and return to balance.