Marcia Stuermer

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(415) 621-6484

Room & Board
685 7th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

The primary medium in my mixed media work is translucent resin that is upcycled from remnants from both my studio practice and the large architectural projects created by my company providing custom resin for the built environment as my primary medium. My ‘closed-loop’ process of using resin remnants otherwise slated for landfill in my practice is driven by a strong commitment to sustainability, which simultaneously presents me with exciting challenges of transforming these remnants into cohesive, evocative visual statements. Many of my recent works also involve visual dialogues portraying the current state of our natural environment. Whether aesthetically and/or conceptually, my work is driven by my fascination with scientific inquiry of the underlying energy, patterns and processes of the natural, chemical and biological worlds, the underpinnings of which I feel have a relevance to our collective contemporary milieu. Much of my studio work involves a ‘barcode’ series that springboards from the ubiquitous barcode graphic of our contemporary, consumer-based world in which I juxtapose hand-drawn, wrap-around drawings of microscopic cellular imagery that augment and heighten the intended effect and message of each work. Other works incorporate embedded 3D imagery within the resin, low-profile resin ‘pixelations’, and engraving techniques.