Linda Hope

(415) 334-3603

Hunters Point Shipyard, Bldg. 101
Galvez Ave and Donahue Street Room #1102
San Francisco, CA 94124

I make art because it is a way for me to express myself without words.  While I am painting, my thoughts shift to become perceptions and discernments in the moment and I exist with awareness, but without thought or language. While painting, I am able, as an engaged being independent of my usual self-identity, to exist in the moment with an object of interest or beauty.  Existing in this state is what inspires me to paint, to create.
I paint using a layering process, varying the colors and their intensity with each layer.  This way of working allows for complex color relationships to manifest. By alternating the values and hues with each layer it is possible to create a glowing quality of surface where the light source seems to emerge from within the painting itself.  Lately I have been concerned with my gesture and movement as I apply the paint.  I experience this as a transfer of energy; as my movements vary the resultant strokes or marks vary, both in their weight and appearance. After I have made multiple layers, the surfaces of my paintings seem to pulse and the paintings seem to me to be breathing.
My work does not have a literal meaning.  The optics at work—the results of the complex layering—allow me to experience my paintings as being alive, as vibrant or pulsing, but separate from me.  Their surfaces stand as the record of my movement in time. Sometimes concrete or specific imagery emerges and sometimes it is imposed.  I do not use imagery to tell a story and I do not paint with any intent toward narrative.
I believe my paintings have a presence, not just a place.  I believe that they are alive, having become embodiments of the transfer of creative energy through intention and touch.