Elaine Coombs

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Since 2005, I have created contemporary landscape paintings that seek to capture the essence of nature, as it feels to me at this time, namely, sacred, stoic, and tranquil. I seek to conjure a particularly idyllic moment in time, and that moment need not be a named place, for one can look at it and see many places in it. I want the viewer to have a sense of connection with something more – my depiction indeed hints at a peaceful force beyond us that is benevolent. To wander through a forest is truly to be present in that remarkable goodness.

Painting with knives rather than brushes, dots rather than strokes, lets me play with pattern, repetition and color tone in such a way that these qualities have become a secondary, abstract subject in their own right.

Inherently modern – a pixelated image is evoked by using this painstakingly handmade dot technique. My work, therefore, presents a duality of vision – one that juxtaposes the physical and the emotional, the figurative and the abstract, the handmade and the manufactured.