Dorothy Connelly

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(415) 269-2109

Islais Creek Studios
1 Rankin Street Room #104
San Francisco, CA 94124

There is nothing like standing in front of an easel and putting the right color in the right place and suddenly there is a real person emerging in front of you on the canvas (at least the one you imagined). Of course, it's a mystery when that precise moment will happen. When it does, it's pure delight. And then, like a character in a novel, the figure starts telling you what it wants like size, colors, position in space. Never mind the preliminary sketches or color studies. It's when the "character" appears on canvas that the real work begins: the splashing around in color families, finding the color combinations that work, the sizing and resizing of features, the brush strokes that communicate, the attitude, the body language, the facial expression. Then it's all over too soon and on to the next painting.

As an artist, I see people, places, and things with the eyes of a zoom lens. So everything is ready for their close-up on canvas, cropped to emphasize the beauty or interest that caught my eye and made an impression. The tough part is staying true to that first impression, that "love at first sight". I am also besotted by the richness of oil colors, alone and in mixtures, that encourage infinite explorations by the artist and the viewer. While the content of my art has been mostly faces and people, I am beginning to diversify. Landscapes and still life still feel foreign, but I am exploring their "languages."